Herb Dressed Spell Candle - Energy Cleanse

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My Energy Cleanse ritual candles will cleanse and purify your energy field, internally and externally when it’s time to purify and clean the energy in your life!

Through our daily life, unwanted energies can settle into our hearts and homes. These candles will help you cleanse unwanted energy so that you can replace it with your desired intentions. These candles are especially powerful when burned during a purification ritual or spell.

I make each candle in a sacred space with wildcrafted and responsibly cultivated herbs.

Release negativity around and within you with this powerful spell candle set!

** This listing is for one (1) 4" Energy Cleanse "blessed and dressed" :) herb spell candles **

Here are the blessed herbs and I've chosen to include and why:

•Dried & Blessed Herbs•
White Sage - Purifies the body and cleanses the air. Rids your atmosphere of tucked away negative energy
Rosemary - Drives staleness from the air and enlivens spiritual practice
Lemon Peel - Cleanses and sanctifies a space to encourage new beginnings


• One, handmade 4" spell candle 
• "Blessed and Dressed" with wildcrafted and naturally cultivated herbs


***Please be safe! Candles are dangerous if used improperly (open flame and all that :). Plus, these dressed candles are topped with sacred dried herbs, which means that, as with any herb burning, you need to understand that these candles present a fire hazard and should be burned in a fire-safe area, in a fire-safe container large enough to hold any wax or herbal drippings of this candle. Never burn candles near combustibles, and keep out of the reach of children. These candles burn irregularly compared to basic tapered candles so please make sure to use caution and never ever leave candles unattended. All that said--enjoy them! They will bring much light and life into your home.***

Herb Dressed Spell Candle - Energy Cleanse

  • $6.99